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Our Specialized Services

We can cover all the aspects of your Branding & Digital Marketing needs

  • digitalmarketing
    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Analyse your business needs, plan your budget and strategize an optimal marketing solution.

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  • Website-andseo
    Website & SEO Management

    Update your company website, optimize its content and measure your marketing effectiveness.

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  • Creative Graphic
    Creative Graphic Solutions

    Create unique user experience and capture the interest of your customers in digital space.

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  • Social Media
    Social Media Engagement

    Campaign in social media, reach out to target audience and engage with potential customers.

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  • Online Advertising
    Online Advertising Management

    Promote your business online, nurture the leads and convert new prospects into customers.

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  • event
    Event Promotion & Management

    We execute your dreams into reality. making events a specialty.

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10Years of success



Boost Your Online Growth with ICONIX Digital Marketing Packages.Whatever your business aims, our digital marketing packages can increase your revenue and improve your ROI.

For every business size and market, our packages are tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking to set-up, re-launch, re-brand, or simply boost your company sales.

Whatever your budget or size, we can work to find the perfect package to move your business forward. Our Starter package offers everything needed to get started with digital marketing, while our Business Standard and Platinum packages offer a more comprehensive service which is great value for money.

Best Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata


What Sets Us Apart

  • The real story is in our results.
  • We’re only as good as our customer`s success.
  • We develop and execute custom marketing strategies that drive real business growth.
  • Our two-way approach: We not only increase brand awareness through website traffic & Social Media
    Promotion but focus on conversions that convert to sales or leads.
  • How does our focus work? Well, we have some numbers for you. Our certified experts have an experience of over 10 years
    in the internet industry. We have fostered a growth of 370% to our client within 6 months of our association.

Our Services


Our services are delivered by our well experienced team who are passionate about solving challenges and developing your business.

Digital Marketing

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Graphic Designing

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Traditional Marketing

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Web Development

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We Simplify. We Connect. We Deliver. We Visualise…
the list is a bit too long. Why don’t you check out our services below instead?

  • searchengine
    Online Campaign Management

    Want the picturesque digital success story? Want to boost your rankings on not just Google but myriad other platforms? With effective SEO methods..

  • socialmedia
    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Your post was meant to go viral, but it just ended up with 13 to 14 likes? With the cut throat competition and every brand screaming for attention, you have got to try out. We are the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COMPANY, we will help your business to go viral.

  • search-engine
    Online Reputation Management

    Your reputation is everything. Our reputation management services help you to enhance & elevate your image by leaps and bounds. We take every step to..

  • online-campaign
    Online SEO Management

    Handling all of your social media pages may be a handful for you, but not for us. Entrust us with handling all your campaigns and we may bring you a hefty turnover soon.

  • online-event
    Online Event Marketing

    What’s a successful event in today’s world without a EVENT PROMOTION AGENCY? We know how much time & resources you have put in for that event..

  • content-marketing
    Content Marketing

    It’s true what they say, “CONTENT IS INDEED THE KING”. With our content marketing services we help you create content that reaches and resonates..

  • website-design
    Website Design & Development

    Your website is a crucial part of your brand’s identity. It is something that you do not want to compromise on. We design websites that are tailored to your business needs and provide BEST WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES. .

Perfect blend of talent & dynamism to get the job done

  • Young team

    What makes our work great? it’s the youthfulness and versatility in our culture. Team is as important to us as our clients, hence why we ensure to take up works with which we would fall in love.

  • Creative minds

    As a digital marketing services provider, we take it as a ‘royal mandate’ to nurture creative thinking and problem solving in our workplace, so we always leave a touch of novelty to the work we do..

  • Best practices

    We care about your online face of business, that’s why we ensure best industrial practices in our work. From design philosophy to marketing process, we follow standardized digital code of ethics.


What Is Our Winning Formula?


In one word – ATRS (Analyse, Test, Review and Scale)

We make a decisive impact on the health of our client’s businesses by deploying a method called ATRS- Analyse, Test, Review and Scale. It is a focused process that we use for ad testing, conversion rate optimization, bidding, technology partner selection and keyword management. Thus, the efficacy of your content in your creatives as well as the choices where you deploy them become smarter and targeted. This leads to a much more effective performance of your digital outreach.

Resort & Hotel Promotion

We promote your property digitally. You discover your new customer. You count .

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Branding Financial Advisor

We project you as a financial brand. Investors always trust a brand.

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Event Promotion

Whenever you think about any kind of event.Don’t worry about promotion! We

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Restaurant Promotion

Restaurant marketing services that bring new customers and keeps them coming back for more.

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