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Now India is heading to touch 550 million internet users. Insurance agency digital marketing is one of the most effective ways for every insurance agent. Today, not switching for digital meaning is to miss a golden marketing opportunity that provides reliable and cost-effective results, attracting millions of Business man’s with your services, building trust, which can result in a great business ROI (Return on investment).

Digital marketing has become more important in almost all sectors. According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses or credibility of service  – and if the vast majority of your potential customers are online, you should be, too. Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to.

Many Financial Advisor office, Advisor center are in a process of transforming their brand totally into digital to meet the consumers’ expectations, as well as to maintain the best performance service.

We know, you already have a large number of client base. But your many clients are still waiting virtually. If you strongly establish yourself digitally, another door of new vertical will open for you. Maximum people search online before investing. If you have many followers, Reviews then people easily keep trust on you. 

Who We Are?

ICONIX  is a leading full services digital marketing company in Kolkata, India. We are specialist for financial advisers. We are already making a digital marketing strategy for many experienced and well known Financial Advisers. With the team of best digital marketing professionals, ICONIX helps companies build, manage and promote their brand Locally to globally which help to meet the client’s requirements.

We provide customized solutions and develop digital marketing strategies to increase your leads, improve your ROI and grow your business.


Online Visibility

We help you get found by the right customer. We will help you build and maintain your identity in the digital world. A strong online presence helps to maintain a brand’s online reputation and builds trust among the clients.

•    Paid Search Marketing

•    Search Engine Optimization

•    Local SEO

•    Social Media

•    Content Marketing

•    Email Marketing

Online Reputation Management

To keep the online reputation healthy and positive, vigilance is required. This leads to solid endorsements and damage control and thus business.

•    Review Express

•    Google My Business

•    Facebook Reviews

•    OTA Reviews

Website Design and Development

An effective website page pays attention to design, logic, emphasis, the flow of information and ease of use. We create super effective websites from scratch and maintain them.

•    Guest Friendly

•    Mobile Responsive

•    Browser Compatibility

•    Google Friendly

•    Speed Enhancement


•     We deliver growth through results: We ensure excellent growth in our client’s business within the first 12 months of taking over an account.

•     Experience and Innovation: Our digital marketing know-how makes us formulate a digital marketing strategy that is a perfect fit as per our client and industry requirements.

•     Structuring Sensible Strategies: We provide our clients with more than a mere action plan. we focus on boosting what works the best for us and identify the areas we can fix and improve upon.

•     Experienced Certified Professionals: We are a team of dynamic professionals who input their skills in making result prone decisions for our clients. All the members are well trained and flexible as per our individual client’s need.

Our Google and Facebook certified experts have been associated with the hospitality industry for over a span of 5 years. and are well versed with all the tricks of the trade in the financial industry.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why your business needs to establish its online presence:

1. Make it Easier for Potential Customers Come to You.

2. Make it Easier to Showcase Your Products and Services  

3, Make it Easier to Build Relationships with Customers and Potential Customers   

4. Make it Easier to Market Your Brand            

Modern businesses must ensure that they are not left behind. An online presence is one of the most important investments that a business can make. The benefits are endless!                                                                                       For more information on how we can help your business build its online presence, please contact us. We’d love to chat!

Right now We are making digital marketing policy for Mr. Surojit Kala. You can go through these basic benefits. What you can achieve through a proper digital marketing policy.

See people like Sanjay Tulani, Bharat Parekh, they also maintain their progressive digital marketing strategy.

There is still something to explore. There is still something amazing waiting for you. Explore a new world through Digital marketing. Million customers are waiting for you. Establish yourself as a brand. Give us an opportunity to serve you.

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