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Hello LIC Advisor!

Hello LIC Advisor!

Covid pandemic changed human's behaviour drastically. Today's customers are more tech-savvy than before. They choose their investment advisor by their style & research.

If you have not upgraded your marketing strategies then you took a major risk.

Don't surrender your customers to your competitors.

Every Client wants to Buy Insurance Policy from a Trusted, Established Agent who has minimum Identity and credibility.

Maintaining a Business card gives you minimum Identity, but Showcasing yourself with a Website gives you Trustworthiness, Credibility, Confidence and Stable impression in the minds of Customers.

Create a Website: Every aspiring Insurance Agent requires a Branded website to Show His Skills, Policies offered & Achievements and other information which is very useful to an Policy Holder in evaluating you before buying a policy from you.

You will get 7 major benefits from ICONIX designed LIC Agency website

Maintaining a Business card gives you minimum Identity, but Showcasing yourself with a Website gives you Trustworthiness, Credibility, Confidence and Stable impression in the minds of Customers.

The website act as an Online Representative and a trusted agent on behalf of your, Policy buyer will check the internet to check your credibility and reviews if they couldn’t find they may approach another agent who has good reviews online and Provide payment links to LIC Premiums.

ICONIX designs websites that are search engine friendly, so whenever new prospects search for insurance agents near them it will display them in search results so you can get new customers easily.

With a specially developed LIC Agent website, you can offer Downloads to your client easily from your website, so all paperwork can be done easily.

There are Hundreds of LIC / Insurance Agents like you who offer the same products & Discounts the same as you, but what’s makes you different is important, the website improves the Brand identity to your personality.

Websites are a great channel for lead capture. Whenever someone visits your website they will leave their contact details after visiting your professional website.

Most of your clients will call in the of business hours when you taking rest or spending time with your family for doubts on policy/documents to share, with a website your site will work for them.

Features You Get in your Website

We Design a responsive all device friendly websites that are also SEO friendly, Performs well in all devices, so you need not create any other version for mobile devices.

ICONIX Concentrates more on converting views in to leads, We designed a On screen Calling Button that is Handy to the visitors to call you.

WhatsApp is everywhere, why can’t on your website too? We developed a Quick chat button, it enables the user to ping you in a single click from the website without saving your number.

We Provide you with you a domain name. ICONIX suggests & helps you in finding the right domain name with (.in )extension that suit the organization’s identity.

ICONIX Provides Best in Class Website designs from ready-made theme & Custom Designs Based on your Requirement, we have a library of templates that are ready to Build which makes the process faster

With Each Website we Build , we will include Hosting Package too, We Host every website in high-performance servers. so that your website runs safe & faster.

We Provide you a Renewal Page in your Insurance agent website from which your customers can pay their LIC renew payment easily .

Why choose ICONIX to Design your Website?

ICONIX is the only branded company in India working exclusively for LIC Advisors business growth by using strong market research & new technologies.

We know how to promote a LIC Agent in his/her area so that an agent gets more business, respect & publicity.

Expand your business easily

Get your agency website ready within 7 days & catch new customers

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